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Ames School of Art
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September Exhibits

Paulsen Fuller
Artwork by Sarah Paulsen and Cameron Fuller

Exhibitions by a pair of collaborating artists will be on display in the Merwin Gallery and a year-in-Louisville sketchbook project will be on display in the Wakeley Gallery in the Joyce Eichhorn Ames School of Art Building (6 Ames Plaza West) from Sept. 5-Oct. 5.

"Past Times" by Sarah Paulsen and Cameron Fuller will include a mix of individual and collaborative works by the two, who work together under the name CamRah. They will also run a workshop on stop animation in the Foundations class in the School of Art.

Paulsen and Fuller will present a public talk in the Merwin Gallery at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 5.

"The two of us share a fascination with early film tricks, magic lantern shows, traveling revivals, and snake oil peddlers," Paulsen writes. "In addition, we have a deep love for folk art and the handmade. We are excited to share clever new ways to build something from nothing. For both of us, it boils down to a desire to discover ways to inspire a feeling of wonder through the transformation of everyday objects."

New in Lou
Sketchbook by Meena Khalili

Meena Khalili will exhibit her project, @newinlou365: a daily sketchbook project, in the Wakeley Gallery. This series of seven accordion-fold books features one drawing a day for 365 days, chronicling a year in the city of Louisville. The exhibition is accompanied by large-scale prints of selected drawings from the books.

"In four years I moved to three different cities before I landed in Louisville," Khalili writes. "The best way for me to get to know any city is to draw it. New in LOU is a year-long drawing series inspired by my first year living in Louisville, Kentucky."



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Upcoming 2017/18 gallery line up


Claudia Esslinger with Tom Gibbons: November 2017



Helen Tegler and Aaron Wolf-Boze: March 2018




Claire Hedden: January 2018


Women's Rights Are Human Rights: International Posters on Gender-based Inequality, Violence and Discrimination”  
-Organized and curated by Professor Elizabeth Resnick and Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston 
below image by artist Taproot Dentsu :  January 2018

Andrea Moreau: Drawing Out a Narrative: November 2017



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Artists Submissions

The Merwin and Wakeley Galleries provide exhibition schedules that support our curriculum, the University community and the general public. These exhibitions mostly consist of contemporary artworks in all media. Each exhibition is meant to suggest the variety of visual approaches one may choose to present an idea. Student exhibitions include the Annual Juried School of Art Student Exhibition, the B.F.A. Candidate Exhibition and the B.F.A. and B.A. Degree Exhibition.